Cost of Medicare

If you’re nearing Medicare eligibility or are going into another year of having Medicare coverage, it’s important that you keep up with the costs of the program. These costs can change each year, so having an idea of what each part of Medicare costs can help you stay in control of your monthly budget.

Medicare Costs

You will typically expect to see Medicare costs in the form of:


  • Premiums – These are monthly payments you will make to Medicare or an insurance company to keep your coverage active
  • Deductibles – This is the amount you pay before your plan begins to pay
  • Copayments – This is the amount you will pay for a medical service, such as a doctor’s visit
  • Coinsurance – This is the amount you pay as your share of for the services you receive after paying any deductibles


Here are the costs you can expect to see with Medicare in 2022.


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