Medical Underwriting

Medical underwriting is a common practice across health and life insurance companies to evaluate an individual’s medical history (and other factors) to determine if they would be eligible for the policy, and how much they should be charged for the policy.

What is Evaluated?

While under the medical underwriting process, your medical history, lifestyle, demographic profile, and other factors that could relate to your medical needs will be evaluated. Through this analysis, the amount of risk the insurance company would be taking to provide you coverage will be determined and priced.

Can I Avoid Medical Underwriting?

There are life insurance policies that don’t require medical underwriting. These policies are known as guaranteeed issue life policies. However, these policies are typically best for those who don’t qualify for traditional life insurance because of age or health reasons. 


Overall, guaranteed issue life insurance is best for those who:


  • Have medical conditions that make it nearly impossible to have other types of life insurance
  • Have a limited budget
  • Are fine with having a smaller amount of life insurance coverage


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