High-Risk Life Insurance

When applying for life insurance, one of the primary factors which will influence your coverage options is your health. Your insurance provider will want medical records including a recent exam and a family medical history. They will also assess whether or not you are considered “high risk” to determine eligibility. Unfortunately, high risk individuals have a more difficult time qualifying for most regular policies and the process of getting them insured can be difficult. If you have a dangerous job, life-threatening interests, chronic illness, or extreme travel needs you are likely considered high risk. 


The good news is that life insurance is available for high risk individuals. You will likely notice that the premiums are higher and the coverage may be limited in these contracts. It is wise to compare rates among available plans. If you plan to change your lifestyle or reduce the frequency of high risk activities, you will likely see better rates.

What Makes You High-Risk?

If your risk factor is job related, you may have some basic coverage through your employer with a group plan. Group plans are usually offered at high risk jobs but will likely need to be supplemented with an individual plan for proper coverage. High risk professions include logging workers, construction workers, aircraft pilots and engineers, fishing and hunting workers, and roofers.


You may also be considered high risk because of your medical records. Your insurer will take into account whether you have been diagnosed with a condition or you have a medical history of a condition. These can include cancer, stroke, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, kidney failure, ALS, and dementia. Once your insurer receives all necessary medical information they will assign you a rating to determine your premium. This includes two levels of preferred ratings, two levels of standard ratings, two levels of smoker ratings, and finally a table rating. Table ratings are for high risk individuals with letters and numbers to indicate levels of risk and corresponding premium costs.

Guaranteed Issue Policies

If you are shopping for insurance toward the end of your life and you have a serious medical condition, you may want to consider a type of guaranteed issue insurance plan. These plans are for older individuals with serious medical conditions who do not wish to complete a medical exam to receive permanent coverage. These premiums can cost a bit more and the death benefit will be much smaller but it is a type of final expense insurance which may be ideal for older high risk individuals.


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